#OptIn Chat – Get your website visitor to talk to you without fuss!

One of the key areas of funnel building and lead generation under our ZMOTly frame work is about reaching out to the victors of your website or blog, even as they are browsing your page. That is their moment of truth, when they are looking for something and obviously, it is like a customer browsing through in a real store. Without, being intrusive, how do you get to the visitor and see how you can help.

After a lot of research, we ourselves zeroed in on Optin Chat. []. Optin Chat is easy to install on any website or blog and yes, you can start off with free.

When we talk to corporates, they are looking at a simple and effective way to leverage their website with call-to-action on content pages. Without an email IDs, one cannot build audience. Without audience, you cannot grow and one of the best ways to build an audience is to build an email list!

Unlike some of the other chatbots that put the customer off by asking for an email ID, Optin helps reach out by providing something of value and asks if the visitor is interested. Imaginer asking in real life store – “Sir, we have a free beer offer on level 2”, would you be interested? If the visitor says yes (who would not :)), you move on and collect some basic information and direct them to level 2. Optin Chat is something like that.

It is about chatting with users and asking for their email IDs in an interactive way. It is not intrusive but pops up with a catchy ‘ding’ sound to grab the visitor’s attention. This chat is not a Live chat but looks like one. And we humans are wired to respond to chat messages! And then, there you go! your first step to getting your customer email ID. Optin Chat has also a very flexible question builder that helps you to configure the chat module and create a JS code that can be installed on your website.

Go ahead, try it out. It doesn’t cost you much. For all you know, this may be your first step to getting to building your customer base.

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