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Cheerna Dutt from Delhi Public School North Bangalore talks about the affects of Bullying and why we should stand up against Bullying. Delhi Public School North Bangalore is a pioneer school of Amnesty International India’s Human Rights Education programme

#BullyNoMore is a Social Campaign aimed at creating awareness in schools across India towards individual human rights against #bullying.  Bullying can take various forms and impact the psychology and personality of each child.

Amnesty partnered with Futureshift Consulting (, @futureshift_sg) to develop a technology framework comprising of a website ( and the roll out of the campaign to multiple schools across the country.  Students were encouraged to upload 2-minute videos or audios voicing their thoughts on bullying.  The turnout was tremendous, with recognition from the honorable Minister for Education Ms.Smriti Irani

Better Bhavishya (@BetterBhavishya) is Futureshift’s Social Initiative that helps organization’s to deliver impact in the areas of #Education, #Healthcare, #Environment and #Human Rights.


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Hey! Check out our new website.


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#Futrlabs – Some Disruptive Products

Futrlabs is the technology hub that dishes out innovative solutions to our clients, both enterprises and social sector alike. Here is a glimpse of what is cooking.


#BetterBhavishya – Delivering Social Impact


At Futureshift, we believe that we will be able to contribute immensely to the social sector space by building on the capabilities, skill sets and the connections that we have built with our vast experience in transforming businesses around the world.

As a part of giving back, our consultants have pledged 20% of their time to work on social causes that will Maximize Social Impact. They will leverage their global expertise and use Futureshift tools and services towards those causes.

Some examples of the areas we are working on include

  • Solving the teaching problem in India by developing multi-media teaching aid with Pocket Power.
  • Solving India’s human rights problems by working together with Amnesty International. Projects like have gained traction to address the bullying in schools.
  • Solving literacy and numeracy problem by working with a leading NGO on how to expand footprints and volunteers.
  • Solving India’s vaccination problem with MyHealthshield that can help reduce tens of thousands of infant deaths due to missing the vaccination schedule.
  • Solving neighborhood safety problem with grouping, a solution for creating ‘instant ‘neighborhood watch’ without compromising on privacy of phone number.

#Futrlabs small enough to innovate, big enough to disrupt

Futrlabs is our Innovation Hub that develops Intellectual Property on disruptive technologies to positively impact outcomes.

Technology is the bedrock for success. Picking the right solution for the right problem is critical. Futureshift’s Mobile, Cloud, Social and Analytics platforms will help you achieve success, instantly with the right tools.

At Futrlabs cutting-edge innovation happens because we are focused ground up with solutions that impact business and real problems. We are bunch of tech-savvy people who meet and talk to real people almost every week. That is what keeps the creative juices flowing with feet on the ground.