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FutrLabs – Innovating for Tomorrow

Transforming the way we learn and shop through cutting-edge technology

FutrLabs is the innovation arm of Futureshift Consulting, dedicated to developing groundbreaking products and solutions that leverage the latest advancements in technology. Our focus is on creating user-centric, scalable, and efficient solutions that revolutionize the way people interact with e-learning and e-commerce platforms.

3x3Learning – Reinventing E-Learning

Empowering learners with personalized, engaging, and accessible educational experiences

3x3Learning is our innovative e-learning platform designed to transform the way people learn and acquire new skills. By harnessing the power of technology, we create immersive, interactive, and personalized learning experiences that cater to the unique needs of each learner.

Our work with Katha on “Applied Case Studies for Designing Trustworthy Digital Experiences for Children” has been recognized by the IEEE-SA. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to creating meaningful and impactful learning experiences that empower and inspire.

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Shoppeazy – Simplifying E-Commerce

Creating seamless, user-friendly, and secure online shopping experiences

Shoppeazy is our state-of-the-art e-commerce platform designed to simplify and enhance the online shopping experience. By prioritizing user experience, security, and efficiency, we help businesses create online stores that attract customers, drive sales, and foster long-lasting relationships.

With Shoppeazy, businesses can:

  • Easily set up and manage their online store
  • Offer a seamless and intuitive shopping experience for customers
  • Implement secure payment processing and data protection measures
  • Leverage data analytics to optimize their e-commerce strategy

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