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  • Fostering Critical Thinking in Corporate Strategy and Culture: A Guide for Businesses

    In the rapidly evolving business landscape, the success of your organization hinges on the ability to think critically, innovate, and adapt. At Futureshift Consulting, we are dedicated to guiding businesses towards a brighter future by utilizing forward-thinking, innovative, empowering, and socially responsible practices. By fostering critical thinking within your corporate strategy and culture, your business […]

  • The Value of Small Talk in Consulting Engagements

    Navigating the complexities of consulting engagements requires a combination of technical expertise and the ability to forge meaningful connections with clients. So, how can we excel in delivering top-tier services while fostering a spirit of trust and collaboration? The secret ingredient lies within the power of small talk. Engaging in conversations about weather patterns in […]

  • Unveiling Leadership Excellence: Proven Strategies for Aspiring CEOs

    A strategy paper by Futureshift Consulting “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln Welcome to the classroom of wisdom offered by C-suite maestros, where we at Futureshift Consulting have curated a guide featuring eight transformative paths towards attaining CEO greatness. 1. Launchpad to Success: Embracing the Learning Curve The […]

  • Did you Know? Futureshift Consulting was Shaped by Alvin Toffler’s Vision of the Digital Age

    Futureshift Consulting is a boutique consulting firm established by a team of experienced executives who were deeply influenced by the visionary theories of renowned futurist Alvin Toffler. His insightful works, Futureshock and Powershift, have significantly shaped their understanding of societal change and power dynamics in the digital era. Futureshock struck a chord with the founders, as it highlighted the […]

  • Choosing Between a Product-Based Approach and a Project-Based Approach

    Are you torn between adopting a product-based approach or a project-based approach? Understanding the key differences between these two approaches can help you make an informed decision. In this blog post, we’ll explore the distinctions in terms of impact, scalability, sustainability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Let’s dive in! When it comes to achieving goals and driving […]

  • 5 things you did not know about podcast and employee engagement (and Artificial Intelligence) #AI

    Introduction Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of audio content in today’s world. Podcasts are an excellent way to promote your brand, product, or service for free. They can also be used as a lead generation tool and a recruiting tool for your business. The good news is that there are many things […]

  • 12 Steps to Run a Social Media Contest That Converts like Crazy [Infographics]

    Running a social media contest is a fantastic opportunity to amplify your brand, products, and services. With organic reach on the decline, social media contests are one of the few effective ways to boost your brand online with a minimal promotional budget. Contests can consist of a simple giveaway from a small brand or full-blown […]

  • 2020 Marketing – This or That

  • Part 2 – Marketing in the times of Corona [Thought Leadership and PR]

    [4] Engage Senior Leadership Team in Marketing [5] Extend your online education, for Free– [6] Organize Community Outreach and Seek and share personal stories

  • Marketing in the times of Corona

    With COVID-19, the world is passing through extraordinary times. Companies require super-extraordinary approaches to survive and thrive in such situations. In this multi-part series, I will try and address the what an organization can do to lead the industry and leave the competition far behind.

  • What a simple pencil sharpener can teach you about big ‘I’ Innovation vs. small ‘i’ Innovation

    As a parent, with young children, while I go around doing routine stuff, I usually keep a watch on how small and subtle changes are happening in the world of stationery – of pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, glue sticks, and such mundane stuff. I am childlike when getting hold of these things and often […]

  • 5 Steps to Scaling your Startup – An open letter to entrepreneurs

    Dear Entrepreneur: Starting a business is easy. It requires courage. It requires an idea. It requires passion and commitment. You are one of the very few in this world who has taken that critical step. You are even willing to make sacrifices and commit to hard work. Your next goal is to make your all […]

  • Learning Series – Blended Learning Design Models (Part 4)

    Blended Learning Design Models Blended learning design models are learner platform models that describe the design and delivery strategy associated with a particular learning program. Futureshift Learning distills the variety of blended learning models into two basic types: linear learning models and hub learning models, each possessing specific inherent strengths and weaknesses. Linear Learning In […]

  • Learning Series – Blended Learning Approaches (Part 3)

    Blended Learning Approaches In our earlier post – Learning Series – Why Blended Learning Strategy (Part 2), we went on to see why Blended Learning and the three primary reasons why blended learning is used. Dependent upon your definition of blended learning, you can argue that there are as many approaches to blended learning as […]

  • Learning Series – Why Blended Learning Strategy (Part 2)

    In our earlier post-Learning Series – Crafting a Blended Learning Strategy (Part 1), we had an overview of a blended learning strategy. In this post, we are going to go a little deeper into ‘Why/ of a Blended Learning Strategy. Why Blended Learning? Blended learning is heavily favored for three primary reasons: Optimal learning strategies […]

  • Learning Series – Crafting a Blended Learning Strategy (Part 1)

    Like even the most complex decisions, blended learning strategies are rooted in the basics. Upfront instructional design is required for truly meaningful learning. Review your organization’s culture and structure to determine whether a learner centric or business centric approach is best for the design and implementation of learning in your environment. The model can be […]

  • How To Make Your Employees Share Content?

    What can you do about it to have them more engaged in your social media activities? Do your employees want to share your corporate content on a social network? If so, what would they want to share? Also, why do they think that it is valuable to share this info in their social networks? Every […]

  • A big hug and thank you 2018

      As we move in to 2019, here’s a big big thank you from us at ZMOTly. Your patronage and feedback helps us do better each day with more enthusiasm. Happy new year.

  • Infographic – Digital Marketing in 2018

    Digital Marketing in 2018. Be prepared with good infographic from @MDGAvertising

  • Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from all of us.

    Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from all of us at ZMOTly.

  • A #BetterFuture with #BetterBhavishya

    While this forum is usually used for talking about innovative approaches of ZMOTly, we will share in this post about one of the exciting things we do at Futureshift in the area of social impact. At Futureshift, we work on creating impact at the intersection of technology and strategy. This translates into frameworks, innovative products […]

  • 9 PR rules shattered (2017)

      If you are a professional, a businessman or an entrepreneur, ,you need PR to get visibility for your brand, product or service. The traditional rules of PR that helped well till a decade ago are is dead. The Web 2.0 has brought down the walls and unless you have adapted to the new world […]

  • [Video] Shoppeazy – 90 seconds is all you need to go online.

    Enjoy this simple video that summarises an easy way to go online, fast.

  • 8 Point Checklist before creating your eCommerce Website

    If you’re in the business of selling products, there really is no excuse for you to not have an online presence. 31% of consumers indicated that online shopping is their preferred mode of shopping and the trend is rapidly going upwards. Many retailers usually start out by listing on the online marketplaces or e-marketplaces as […]

  • Are you losing money on Amazon and Flipkart over selling directly?

    In our earlier post – Business not online? Get ready to pack up – we shared that if you’re in the business of selling products, there really is no excuse for you to not have an online presence. 31% of consumers indicated that online shopping is their preferred mode of shopping and the trend is […]

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