The 3 must-haves in our client engagements

When we founded Futureshift, we were driven by a purpose to, to help inspired people to do great things, to achieve their goals.

“To inspire the inspired achieve their inspiration”, tongue twister of sorts.

Our client engagements hence have these three components –
1. To work with inspiring customers who believe in their dream and whose values align with us
2. To work with the founders and owners that have accountability for their purpose and the outcomes.
3. To engage in the stimulating and challenging problems that contest status quo and mediocrity.

“To help inspired people to do great things, to achieve their goals.”

And that is how we get to do things that we love. We wake up each morning and help people achieve their dreams. We hit the bed each night, with an immense feeling of fulfilment on being part of the journey of dreams of other people. In all our engagements, the most significant investment we make is our time and energy.

We do our best to understand our client’s vision and align. We look to see if that inspires us beyond money and consulting hours. If we are not able to align, we have an open conversation explaining our position clearly and step back. We thus end up deselecting our prospects, which I why every project that would do is awe-inspiring. We are not there for the pennies and cents with bargain hunters.

That way, we ensure we can give our best for our client and ourselves.

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