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What is 3×3 Learning?

3×3 Learning is a part of Futureshift Consulting that specializes in enhancing the Knowledge Capital by providing Managed Learning Solutions across various verticals and functions.  Our current user base spans across Employees, Students, Salespeople, Managers, Product Specialists, Marketers and Software Developers.  Being pioneers in the “3-Minute Excellence” philosophy and the ‘Pathway Series’ framework, we guarantee attention, retention, results.

3×3 learning executive overview [0:54 sec]

3X3 learning is all about Instant Learning, Anytime, Anywhere. This is blended learning optimized to maximize. 3X3 comprises of online assessments, tests, quizzes, rich interaction, gamification and badges.  This can be either used for compliance, training internal teams or used for extended teams.

Video on the exhaustive features on the 3×3 Learning platform. [1min 24 sec]

3×3 Learning use cases:

If we cannot share something in three minutes, we are not helping you learn. At Futureshift Learning, we believe that every topic can be broken down to three key points that are most critical for application. There is substantial research on brain and cognitive psychology which theorizes that the attention span of an individual is highest in the first three minutes.

Vinodh Soundarajan, Learning Management Expert

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