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Futrlabs is Futureshift’s innovation hub that develops IP in disruptive technologies to positively impact outcomes for our clients in Consumer, Enterprise, and Social Service sectors. At Futrlabs Technology is the bedrock for success. Solving the right problem with the right solution is critical. Fultrlabs has built a myriad of solutions on Mobile, Cloud, Social and Analytics platforms. All of them are designed to help you achieve success faster. Our flagship products are in the area of e-commerce and e-learning.

At 3×3 Learning, 3 Things, 3 Minutes is the pedagogy mantra. The simple e-learning platform helps your setup and configure your own online e-learning platform in less than three hours. To deliver world-class training to your target audience and ensure attention, retention, and results. This platform is highly scalable and allows the setup of complex course content in the form of Workshops, Quizzes, Assessments, Feedback, Forums, Chat Rooms, Knowledge Repository, Instant Messenger to name a few. With the vast feature richness, this may be the only Learning platform you will ever need. Again, in line with our philosophy, you do not need to hire a single developer to get all of this up and running.

Futrlabs has a white-label e-commerce platform (#shoppeazy) that helps businesses to create an innovative e-shopping store instantly within in minutes. Shoppeazy platform makes your catalogue management easy. With easy customization capabilities, one can completely change the look and feel, banners, landing page, product and marketing promotions, header, and footer of the site in 5 seconds. The platform is comprehensive, with in-depth configurations for brands, categories, discounts, product catalogues, order management, recommendations. Your site is now in your absolute control. You can thus get away from the clutches of software developers and other “specialist” e-commerce sites that wipe out every cent of hard-earned profits out of your business.

Futurlabs is built on innovation. We innovate for there is a gap in the needs versus what is available in the industry. We do not reject common sense, but we are willing to adapt and build new things where we must. Not all our innovations were roaring unicorns, but we are glad we did that and it fulfilled that need-gap to achieve a better future.

Vinodh Soundarajan

Product Portfolio