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  • Apple’s Twitter threat and what it means for the App developers? #pwa
    With the new threat from apple to remove twitter application from its app Store, the time has come for app developers to revisit the entire mobile application ecosystem. Progressive Web Applications is the newest trend that will replace native mobile applications. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is the emerging term for […]
  • Visionary Non-Profit Founders: Overcoming the Talent Acquisition Challenge
    More often than not, the very purpose and foundation of starting a non-profit are driven by a strong association with a more significant cause or purpose, usually greater than their own. Visionary founders in non-profits are often inspirational leaders themselves with an eye on the future and feet firmly on […]
  • Awarded: Company of the Year 2020 [Leadership Consulting]
    We are pleased to have been selected as the company of the Year 2020 in CEO Insights []. Here is the transcript of the interview feature with the magazine. Category – Leadership Consulting and developing a business framework to create outstanding products using robust technologies Unique Offering: CxO on Tap […]
  • A big day! A new ray of hope for India’s Children.
    Today is a big day for India’s 300 million children, especially her underserved communities. #KathaKatha India launches an online learning portal empowering every child towards making them a Reader-Leader, with the #300MillionChallenge. Shri. @Manish Sisodia, Dy. Chief Minister of Delhi, inaugurated the portal along with Padma Shri Ms @geeta dharmarajan, Founder of […]
  • A new e-learning partnership with Katha.Org – #300MillionChallenge
    We are happy to be associated with Katha India.Org as their #KnowledgePartner. We are working closely with Katha’s #300M Citizen’s Initiative with a #3x3Learning #MoodleLMS Solution on #AWS This project empowers children by creating reader-leaders, and, hence, preventing them from entering entrenched poverty. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity Geeta dharmarajan and PP Sunil Acharya and inviting us. It […]
  • Blended Learning Design Models
    Learning Series – (Part 4) Blended Learning Design Models Blended learning design models are learner platform models that describe the design and delivery strategy associated with a particular learning program. Futureshift Learning distills the variety of blended learning models into two basic types: linear learning models and hub learning models, […]
  • Building a Partner Ecosystem
    Here’s is a short presentation on building a partner ecosystem.
  • The 3 must-haves in our client engagements
    When we founded Futureshift, we were driven by a purpose to, to help inspired people to do great things, to achieve their goals. Our client engagements hence have these three components 1. inspiring customers with aligned values2. founders with big dreams and open mind3. stimulating challenges that contest status quo. […]
  • Blended Learning Approaches
    Learning Series – (Part 3) Blended Learning Approaches In our earlier post – Learning Series – Why Blended Learning Strategy (Part 2), we went on to see why Blended Learning and the three primary reasons why blended learning is used. Dependent upon your definition of blended learning, you can argue that […]
  • Why Blended Learning Strategy?
    Learning Series – (Part 2) In our earlier post-Learning Series – Crafting a Blended Learning Strategy (Part 1), we had an overview of a blended learning strategy. In this post, we are going to go a little deeper into ‘Why/ of a Blended Learning Strategy. Why Blended Learning? Blended learning […]