“600% increase in online leads for a Singapore client in just 18 months.”

“FedRAMP P-ATO in just 5 months for a Bay Area software firm” (read zee-mot-lee) is a unique Futureshift Consulting Framework that is focussed on ensuring results from the zero-th moment of truth. The zero-th moment in the buying process is when your consumer researches a product prior to purchase. Thus you can and should proactively plan and take preparatory actions even before the event occurs.

“Set-up marketing organization in 60 days for an India company”

In marketing, this would translate into creating strong demand and predictable revenue using the right interventions, that help you engage your prospects. You can do this by blending online /digital marketing into traditional sales and marketing processes. We help you build a strong sales and marketing capability based on the evolutions in the industry.

In technology, this translates into architecting an appropriate platform and designing the right product solution that would transform your organization to new demands. We help you build a strong engineering organization based on lean and agile methods.

“50-year-old traditional family-run business gets state-of-the art e-marketplace in record time”

Clients across geogrpahies and Industry segments –

List of our engagements is lead by consultants with cumulative experience of over a hundred thousand hours. Its singular focus is to help drive more customer engagements faster for you, backed by a robust technology platform. You would thus experience an increased positive impact on revenue and profitability.