Apple’s Twitter threat and what it means for the App developers? #pwa

With the new threat from apple to remove twitter application from its app Store, the time has come for app developers to revisit the entire mobile application ecosystem.

Apple vs Twitter

Progressive Web Applications is the newest trend that will replace native mobile applications.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is the emerging term for ultra-optimized web applications that use modern web technologies to deliver the same level of experience as native mobile apps.

PWAs offer the same features and functionalities as those of native apps and run on both iOS and Android, as opposed to creating separate native apps for each platform. They are fast, light and secure and are a great alternative to native apps for e-commerce and information-based applications.

Progressive Web App (PWA) architecture and look at the possibility of creating PWAs as alternatives to their existing apps. PWAs are web-based applications that have rich features like full-screen experiences, offline support, push notifications, and more. They are designed to be fast, reliable, and highly engaging. Additionally, they can be installed directly on the home screen of a user’s device and are discoverable through search engine results.

In comparison to native mobile apps, PWAs load faster, use lesser resources on the mobile phone and it more importantly unshackles the application developers to be at the mercy of the Google and Apple.

Ultimately, this means that app developers will have to look at progressive web apps to stay competitive in the mobile space. As the line between web and mobile technologies continues to blur, developers will need to ensure they are delivering the most complete and effective mobile experience to their users.

And what’s more, not only do they save massive dev costs of applications for various form factors and save up to 30% commission that the hefty tech charge on their Application marketplace.

What are your thoughts?

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